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Indications for Propecia.

Propecia is usually prescribed to treat baldness in men. However, it also has a positive effect on BPH, which is the harmless stage of prostate enlargement. Note that Finasteride, a Propecia compound, has only been approved to treat the two mentioned conditions.

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The conditions that the medication can treat do not end there, however. Propecia is also used by transgendered persons for their hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as they go through a male to female sex change process. Finasteride somehow still contributes other benefits, such as the suppressing of testosterone. Note though that there isn’t a lot of clinical research literature about its use on hormone replacement therapy. The component is, however, considered to have some degree of efficacy as HRT, which is limited when compared to other more proven or more traditional compounds. The usual compounds used for HRT are spironolactone and cyproterone. They care considered to be more effective than Finasteride, at least in suppressing male hormones.

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Propecia, despite its possibilities in HRT, is not recommended by doctors for such a function because it does have some side effects, such as anxiety and depression – moods that should not be welcome when people are going through major physical changes. Periods of anxiety about what people are saying may actually already be normal during HRT and could get become aggravated with the use of Propecia.


It is important to get checked by a doctor before you take Propecia to take in consideration some comorbidity.

First, the drug is not for use by women and children. Women and children should also not handle the pill because Finasteride can get absorbed via the skin. Inform your doctor if you are suffering from conditions such as inability to urinate, a different urethra structure, problems with your bladder muscle, liver disease/abnormalities, allergic reaction to dutasteride (Avodart), which is a similar medication, and prostate cancer.

In the case of skin contact with a broken or crushed pill, you should immediately and thoroughly wash the affected area with soap and water.

How to Take Propecia.

Propecia is not like a topically applied product like Rogaine. It is in the form of a pill. It is a convenient form, but it could also pose some extra risks. Take Propecia exactly as directed. Do not take it for longer than is prescribed and do not take it in larger doses, even if you feel as if you are making up for a missed dose.

Take Propecia with a full glass of water at about the same time each day. Taking the medication at the same time each day should help in reminding you when to take it, so that you can stay regular.

You will most likely enjoy the benefits of the drug after the third month.


Immediately call the Poison Help Line if you think that you are, or someone else is, suffering from an overdose.